No! Covid-19 cases in West Java reach 1,115,207, local government calls it harmless

JABARNEWS | BANDUNG – Based on information and data received from the Department of Communication and Information (Diskominfo) of West Java Province, as of Friday 8 July 2022, the number of Covid-19 cases in West Java reached 1,115,207.

From this figure, there are an additional 612 cases of Covid-19 or ten times the additional cases a month ago or early June 2022.

Meanwhile, of the total Covid-19 cases, the number of deaths was recorded at 15,872.

On the other hand, the bed occupancy rate (BOR) for Covid-19 has reached 4.10 percent.

“From the local government, we see that the BOR is still low so it is not as dangerous as last year, where in June-July last year we experienced a lack of oxygen,” said Kadiskominfo Ika Mardiah in a press release received on Sunday (10/7/2022) ).

Illustration of the Spread of Covid-19 Cases. (Photo: Dodi/JabarNews).

He admits that the number of Covid-19 cases in West Java is currently increasing.

Even so, Ika ensured that the BOR of Covid-19 patients in West Java was still safe and under control.

“Now there is an increase in cases but BOR is still safe,” he said. (Red)

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