North Sumatra DPRD Highlights Provincial Road Revitalization Budget of IDR 2.7 Trillion – The North Sumatra Provincial Government has budgeted a provincial road revitalization fund of IDR 2.7 trillion. Not only for roads, the budget is also earmarked for bridge construction in 33 regencies/cities in North Sumatra.

The Golkar Party faction member of the North Sumatra DPRD, Zainuddin Purba, said that the construction of roads and bridges spread across 33 regencies/cities throughout North Sumatra was a dream come true.

“This (program) must receive support from all components of society. There is almost nothing to lose,” said Zainuddin in his statement to, Monday (27/6).

He said all people in North Sumatra are very aware that the roads that are spread across the province led by Edy Rahmayadi are in very bad condition. Whether it’s a road that is the responsibility of the city government, district government, or provincial government.

He assessed that road revitalization in North Sumatra has three benefits. First, helping the community directly in infrastructure improvement. Second, it has an impact on improving the people’s economy. Third, the program is proof that the North Sumatra Provincial Government is on the side of the people’s livelihood.

“As a member of the North Sumatra Provincial DPRD, I strongly support the road and bridge construction program implemented by Governor Edy Rahmayadi,” he said.

He added, if there are parties or groups who doubt the program implemented by the North Sumatra Provincial Government, then their motivation should be questioned.

“Why have they never interfered with the toll road and railway development programs that are not in direct contact with the basic needs of the people of North Sumatra?” said a member of the North Sumatra DPRD Commission E.