ODGJ Stab Two Policemen in a Rampage, Arrest Through Negotiations

JawaPos.com – A person with mental disorders (ODGJ) named Riandi Saputra, 23, a resident of Wih Resap Village, Mesidah District, Bener Meriah Regency, slashed two police officers. The two policemen suffered stab wounds while trying to protect People with Mental Disorders (ODGJ) who were on a rampage

The incident occurred in Kampung Pondok Gajah, Bandar District, Thursday (17/11/2022) at around 14.00 WIB. The two personnel who were victims of the stabbing were Aipda Wahidin and Bripka M Amin.

Both are members of the Bener Meriah Bandar Police,” said Bener Meriah Police Chief AKBP Indra Novianto, Friday (11/18). According to Bener Meriah Police Chief AKBP Indra Novianto, said the ODGJ who stabbed the two police officers was arrested on Thursday (11/17 ) around 19.45 WIB.

“The person concerned has now been secured by Bandar Police personnel with the assistance of the local community,” said Indra Novianto as quoted by PojokSatu (Jawa Pos Group), Saturday (19/11).

Riandi was arrested after he was found hiding in the bushes near his parents’ house located in Kampung Pondok Gajah, Bandar District, Bener Meriah Regency.

Indra Novianto explained that at that time one of the ODGJ families was about to turn on the electricity at his parents’ house in Kampung Pondok Gajah, then he heard the sound of someone coughing in the bushes. “His sister called Andi’s name, and he immediately said yes,” said Indra.

Hearing the answer, the person concerned immediately walked away, then reported the matter to the Bandar Police Chief, Iptu Jufrizal. Receiving this report, the Bandar Police Chief and his staff immediately went to the location and negotiated with ODGJ.

“After negotiations, around 20.00 WIB, Riandi (ODGJ) was successfully secured without any resistance and then ODGJ was immediately evacuated to Munyang Kute Hospital using the UPTD Bandar Health Center ambulance,” said Indra Novianto.