One Goat for the Sacrificial Committee of the At-Taqwa Mosque

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Harris Management Barelang Resort handed over a goat to the sacrificial committee at the At-Taqwa Mosque Tiangwangkang, Thursday (7/7).F. Haris Resort Barelang for Batam Pos

batampos – Celebrating Eid al-Adha 1443 Hijriah, Harris Resort Barelang Batam slaughtered a goat which was given to the sacrificial committee at the At-Taqwa Tiangwangkang Mosque, Tembesi Village, Sagulung District, Batam City.

The sacrificial goat was handed over by the Harris Resort Barelang Batam team to the sacrificial committee last Tuesday (5/7) at At-Taqwa Tiangwangkang. This activity is one of Harris Resort Barelang Batam’s social responsibility programs to local residents.

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“This sacrificial goat is a form of guest donation program that was collected during the month of Ramadan a few months ago,” said General Manager of Harris Resort Barelang Batam, Vincent Gunawan, Thursday (7/7). (*)

Journalist: Azis Maulana