Oops! Aurel Hermansyah Full breast milk in the refrigerator, shocking Atta Halilintar’s mother

JABARNEWS | BANDUNG – The Halilintar gene, including Aurel Hermansyah’s mother-in-law, Lenggogeni Faruk, had the opportunity to visit her granddaughter Baby Ameena.

When he visited Atta Halilintar’s house in Indonesia, Lenggogeni was surprised by the amount of breast milk stored neatly in the refrigerator.

The stock of breast milk was deliberately kept by Aurel in the refrigerator for her daughter, Baby Ameena.

“Look, Ameena’s milk is still a lot, it’s all breast milk,” Atta Halilintar showed off to her mother.

Atta also admitted that there will be a lot of breast milk stock after Aurel receives a gift from Atta.

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