Opportunity to Get Free Precious Metals and Cheap Houses Central Only Hours

Second Central which is located in Lobbi 2 near the escalator up at the REI Expo exhibition at Grand Batam Mal

batampos – The Rei Expo exhibition which was enlivened by Central Group at Grand Batam Mall will end on Sunday (16/10) night. This means that the opportunity to get precious metals for free or free at Both Central Group is only a matter of hours from now.

Not only that, the opportunity to get a luxury home from the Central Group is also just a matter of hours. Because, on October 18th, the prices of all Central Group projects will rise to tens of millions.

Senior Property Advisor Central Hills, Dimas Habibi, said Sunday (16/10) was the last chance for the public to get free precious metals in both Central Group.

They are still preparing a lot of precious metal for visitors who come to both Central which is in Lobby 2 near the uphill escalator.

“That is, in just a matter of hours visitors can get free precious metals, please come. So you don’t have to buy a house,” said Dimas.

In addition to getting free precious metals, visitors will also get detailed information about the Central Group project. Where currently Central Group is providing extraordinary promos for consumers who buy houses.

The promo includes a down payment discount of up to hundreds of millions, tens of millions of mortgage interest subsidies, free AJB and SHGB, free 2 AC units, vacation and stay at Marina Bay Sands Singapore 2 days and a night, iphone 13 and many others.

“This promo is valid if consumers make transactions during the exhibition. But there are terms and conditions too. If you meet the requirements, then all promos can be obtained, “explained Dimas.

Not only that, Central Group also provides 3 grams of precious metal to consumers who conduct direct surveys to the project site. 3 grams of precious metal are also given away for free.

“But the process of getting it is through a lottery, after the consumer surveys directly to the Central project,” he explained.

Dimas ensures that the price during the exhibition is the best price for housing with an increasing investment value. Because on October 18th, the prices of all Central Group projects will go up.

“So the price will be different, because on October 18th it will go up, most likely it will go up to tens of millions. At this exhibition, the best way to get the price of luxury homes from the Central group at low prices is because there are many promos. And tomorrow (Sunday) is the last chance,” said Dimas

Some of Central Group’s flagship projects were offered during the exhibition. Among them is Central Hills which is located in the strategic area of ​​Batam in Batamcenter.

This luxury housing project is a collaboration between Central Group and the Alam Sutera Jakarta Affiliate.

Central Hills presents 11 luxury clusters located on an area of ​​55 hectares. Among them are Green Hills, Hillview, Panorama Hills, Summer Hills. Each cluster has a different and luxurious concept and design. Currently, 4 clusters have been opened.

Central Hills provides solutions to simplify consumers’ lifestyles with various facilities.

Such as Club House, C-Walk Culinary, Adventure and Educational Park, Times Square, 1 KM Commercial Area, Central Square Garden and many other facilities to come. The price offered for this luxury residence starts from IDR 900 million.

“Remarkably, Central Group has provided all projects with the support of advanced technology so that it really supports the lifestyle of today’s people. These technologies are Smart Home System, Smart Cluster System and Smart Community,” he explained.

Another flagship project is Serenity Central, which also provides many interesting promotions during the exhibition.

This project focuses on developing villa and hotel properties, in collaboration with Tung Desem Waringin Property. This villa and resort will be built on an area of ​​7.7 hectares with natural views of the hills of the Sekupang area, Batam City.

Serenity Central is a residence with a Villa & Resort concept that blends with nature with exotic views.
Equipped with 20 international standard facilities including an 184 meter Infinity Pool, longer than MBS Singapore. Serenity Central has also collaborated with The Ascott Limited in managing Hotels & Resorts and Travelio for villa management.

“The enthusiasm of visitors during the exhibition was extraordinary. At both Central exhibitions, visitors can get free information. We can provide detailed information, and customize housing according to consumer needs. Therefore, let’s come to both Central, get the best information about housing and precious metals for free,” concluded Dimas.(*)

Reporter: Yashinta