Palembang Polrestabes Arrest Fake Police Extortion Hotel Guests – The Palembang Police, South Sumatra, arrested two fake police officers who extorted hotel guests. Extortion is carried out using the mode of online prostitution, quoted from ANTARA.

Head of Polrestabes Palembang Kombes Pol Mokhamad Ngajib when confirmed in Palembang, Saturday (7/1), said the fake police officers had the initials DIP, 30 and G, 30, residents of 8 Ilir, Ilir Timur III Palembang.


The two suspects were arrested in an ambush operation against members of the Palembang Police Satreskrim Anti Bandits at their respective homes, Friday (6/1) morning.

He explained, based on the examination, the two suspects confessed to being police officers on duty at the Palembang Polrestabes.

This confession was made by the suspect while extorting a man with the initials GS, 30, a resident of Palembang City, in a three-star hotel room in the 8 Ilir area, Sunday (1/1), at 03.00 WIB.

At that time the suspects DIP and G asked for Rp. 20 million in cash from GS victims.

He said the suspect asked for money as a sign of peace because the victim was found in a hotel room on a date with a woman he ordered through the MiChat application.

“The victim was pressured and threatened with a firearm which turned out to be a match. The suspect took and made the victim’s car and vehicle registration as collateral until the money was given. Then after agreeing, the suspect released the victim by being escorted back to the hotel,” he explained

Meanwhile, the Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Palembang Police, Kompol Haris Dinzah, added that the results of the investigation revealed that the woman as the date ordered by the victim conspired with the fake police.

The woman with the initials MAY, 28, is the victim’s date who is paid Rp. 550,000 which were fulfilled through the MiChat application.

He said that the female suspect served as a random victim catcher. Then, when he arrived at the hotel room, the victim contacted his two colleagues, DIP and G, resulting in extortion.
“To police investigators, the suspects admitted that they had only once committed extortion using the mode of online prostitution that they had experienced this past month,” he said.

Against the suspect, the police confiscated lighter evidence in the form of a black revolver type gun, two units of Iphone 7 and OPPO F cellphones, and one black Toyota Etios car.

For their actions, the suspects were charged with Article 368 paragraph (1), (2), 2e of the Criminal Code which carries a penalty of nine years in prison.