PBSI Pays Special Attention to Cases of Food Poisoning

JawaPoscom-PP PBSI pays serious attention to the nutritional intake and food hygiene of the 2023 Indonesia Masters participants.

Because last year there were several athletes from Malaysia who experienced food poisoning. So that you don’t play optimally in the match and there are also those who make withdrawals.

In addition, last week at the India Open, there was a food issue which made players sick or unwell. Two Chinese players, Wang Yilyu (mixed doubles) and Chen Qincheng (women’s doubles), became victims.

Secretary General of PP PBSI Fadil Imran stated, food poisoning is a problem that players are very vulnerable to. “Because the tradition of eating badminton is different. We (must) tighten our guard and so that these athletes only eat what is served at the hotel,” said Fadil.

Fadil, who also serves as Kapolda Metro Jaya, ensures that he gets additional assistance from his unit to check the food safety of the players.

Fadil also asked that, although there are facilities for ordering and delivering food via an application, it should be avoided. “Hopefully the athletes are disciplined and don’t leave (the hotel) even though it’s near a mall,” he said.

Fadil is very concerned that the players stay healthy during the tournament. This is so that all matches can be held properly

Or without the player dropping out due to food poisoning. Moreover, Fadil ensures that tickets are sold at 100 percent capacity

Indonesian women’s singles badminton player Gregoria Mariska Tunjung admitted that all this time she used to eat at the mall around Senayan. Fortunately, there has never been a case of poisoning.

“Last week, when he took part in the India Open, he also received assistance from the Indonesian Embassy there. So, we had a complete meal from the embassy,” said Grego – Gregoria Mariska Tunjung’s nickname.