Persib Goes to School, Shares Joy at Taruna Bakti Elementary School

JABARNEWS | BANDUNG – Persib Goes to School was held again. This time by visiting Taruna Bakti Elementary School in Bandung, Wednesday 20 July 2022.

In this Persib Goes to School activity, students are invited to know more about football from Persib players Erwin Ramdani and I Made Wirawan as well as Persib Academy coaches, Lutfi Juniandan and Wildan Bahrul Ulum.

Persib Goes to School is a program to strengthen the relationship between Persib and its players, including young people. In addition, his presence at school is also expected to inspire children through the interactions that occur.

Erwin said he was happy to be able to share knowledge with the Taruna Bakti Elementary School children. He teaches children about passing, dribbling and shooting. At the end of the session, he was also involved in the game as a goalkeeper.

“It’s great to be with these kids and have fun together. Happiness also allows me to entertain them. It reminded me of my childhood, although the situation was much different. Every school has a yard like this and I used to play soccer until my clothes were wet (sweaty),” Erwin said.

Persib Goes to School visited Taruna Bakti Elementary School in Bandung, Wednesday 20 July 2022. (Photo: Persada)

In addition to practicing and playing with the PERSIB players and their mascot, Prabu, the Taruna Bakti Elementary School students also had the opportunity to ask the PERSIB Academy coach.

“I train in groups of 4, ages 12 and under, so I’m used to meeting kids this age. Their enthusiasm today was incredible, from both sons and daughters. Everyone is enthusiastic about listening to the directions from the coaches,” said PERSIB Academy coach, Lutfi Juniandan.

One of the Taruna Bakti Elementary School students involved is Sashi Mugni Putri Quilem. He’s in class VI. He admitted that PERSIB Goes to School has provided entertainment as well as valuable lessons for him, especially in getting to know football.

“It was great. They danced, clapped and played ball. Sashi likes to play ball the most. I also got a bag to ask ‘how to kick the ball fast’. Now I know how,” said Sashi.

The sports teacher at Taruna Bakti Elementary School, Budiyana, admits that soccer is one of the best ways to express joy. Moreover, this school has just returned to actively holding face-to-face teaching and learning activities after a long suspension due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Persib Goes to School visited Taruna Bakti Elementary School in Bandung, Wednesday 20 July 2022. (Photo: Persada)

“We haven’t held an event like this in a long time. After the pandemic, today we are starting to be active again. You can see how happy the kids are. Football is the most popular sport. Even in Taruna Bakti, the most extracurricular is football,” he said.***

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