Pilgrims of Hajj Batch 2 Arrive in Makkah

JawaPos.com – The Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) has dispatched the second batch of pilgrims. This was marked by the arrival of a group of 24 Embarkation Jakarta – Pondok Gede (JKG 24) at King Abdul Azis International Airport, Jeddah.

The arrival of the congregation from Lebak and Tangerang Regencies feels special. They received a special welcome from representatives of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah of Saudi Arabia. Also present were the Head of the Hajj Organizing Committee (PPIH) Arsad Hidayat, the Head of the Haryanto Airport Working Area, and the Indonesian Consul General Jeddah Eko Hartono.

At the terminal, the congregation received flowers, roses, dates, chocolate and some were given umbrellas. The chanting of Talbiyah that kept echoing in the terminal room made the atmosphere of the arrival of 393 pilgrims feel very emotional. Not a few congregants shed tears because they were filled with deep compassion.

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen, happy worship. May you always be healthy and mabrur,” said the chairman of PPIH Saudi Arabia, Arsad Hidayat.

Congregants leave the special fasttrack gates in Zone A one by one. They can get out quickly from the terminal room because they enjoy fasttrack service. With this service, pilgrims will no longer undergo immigration checks. The only check they do is an X-ray to check the luggage in the carry-on bag.

Arriving at King Abdul Azis Airport, the second batch of pilgrims was also seen wearing Ihram clothes. Practically, this accelerates the movement of pilgrims. From entering the terminal room to taking the bus, the average congregation only takes about 5 minutes.

If you go through the regular door (non-fasttrack), it usually takes the congregation 1 to 2 hours at the airport.

Sri Hartini Junaidin, the first pilgrim to leave gate A, said he was grateful to have fasttrack service because he could leave the airport faster. He was also happy to be able to enter the second wave because he could go directly to Mecca first, then to Medina. “It’s great, it’s fast and can save energy,” said the congregation from Curugbitung, Lebak, Banten.