Pilgrims of Hajj Caught Bringing IDR 150 Million in Cash, Neatly Stored in Jerry Cans

JABARNEWS | TULUNGAGUNG – A group of pilgrims from Tulungagung Regency, East Java were shocked when they found Rp. 150 million in cash stored in jerry cans.

For investigation, it turned out that the hundreds of millions of money belonged to 5 prospective pilgrims who were members of the group from Tulungagung.

The incident began during the inspection of the luggage of prospective pilgrims for groups 8 and 9 at the Surabaya Hajj Embarkation Dormitory.

Cloter 8 is known to be a group of prospective pilgrims from Kediri Regency, Kediri City, Surabaya and Trenggalek. While the 9th group consisted of a group of prospective pilgrims from Tulungagung.

At that time, the officers checked the goods using X-rays. During the inspection, officers found Rp. 150 million neatly wrapped and put in a jerry can and filled with rice.

The money in the congregation’s luggage was then further checked by the Surabaya Embarkation PPIH Customs officer. After calculating the amount reached Rp. 150 million.

Prospective pilgrims for the year 2022 have started to depart for the holy land. (photo: special)

Head of the East Java Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion, Husnul Maram, said the owner of the suitcase was a prospective hajj pilgrim from Tulungagung. According to the owner of the suitcase, the Rp. 150 million belongs to 5 congregants who are members of one KBIH.

The man who is also the Chair of the Surabaya Embarkation PPIH explained that pilgrims are not allowed to bring cash above Rp 100 million. He said this was based on Bank Indonesia Regulation number 4/8/PBI/2002.

“The regulation concerns the requirements and procedures for the entry and exit of rupiah currency into and out of the customs area of ​​the Republic of Indonesia, so that anyone who takes rupiah currency above 100 million must obtain a permit from BI,” he said.
“Because the amount of cash brought by the 9th batch of pilgrims was more than Rp. 100 million, the officers made a cover letter to be able to bring the money to Saudi Arabia,” he continued.

Maram also explained that there are still many pilgrims who carry suitcases with excess weight. Suitcases with excess contents mostly contain food ingredients such as instant noodles to chili sauce.

“There are still a lot of overweight suitcases that need to be unpacked and reduced. Yes, most of them are dominated by food ingredients such as instant noodles, green beans, pearl sago, cayenne pepper,” he said. (red)

source: detik.com

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