PKH Recipient’s House Burned, Sidoarjo Regent: We Make Sure To Help Sri Sulisningsih and her only daughter, Safira Dwi Ratna Anjani, couldn’t help but cry. This was after the 43-year-old widow’s house in Tulangan caught fire on Sunday (11/9). Regent Ahmad Muhdlor Ali heard about the disaster. The number one person in Sidoarjo immediately went to the victim’s house.

It’s been a year since her husband died of illness. Every day, he sells to earn a living. Due to being underprivileged, Sri is also one of the recipients of the Family Hope Program (PKH).

His slick tantrums sold his house out. In fact, all important documents, such as his son’s diploma, were also left forfeited. Includes all school clothes and uniforms. “There is nothing left, starting from my son’s diploma, clothes, wardrobe, mattress, TV, everything was burned,” Sri said with teary eyes as reported by Jawa Pos Radar Sidoarjo, Monday (12/9).

When the fire broke out, the house was empty. According to residents’ stories, the fire came from inside the room. It is suspected that the switch in his room had a short circuit. Because, at that time it was charging HP. There is a possibility of a spark and then grabbing the mattress underneath.

Regent Ahmad Muhdlor expressed his concern over the disaster. He also ensured that the district government would help finance the repairs and needs of Safira’s school. The regent asked the Sidoarjo Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) to take an inventory of the damage to houses. The District Office of Social Affairs and Baznas were also asked by the regent to intervene. “We made sure we got help, it’s being worked on now,” he said
On that occasion, the Regent also appealed to the public to check the electricity supply in their respective homes. This is as anticipation and vigilance to prevent fires.