Playing at home, Kemayoran Tigers fail to beat Madura United Jakarta failed to continue their winning trend after a 0-0 draw with Madura United on matchday 10 of Liga 1 at Patriot Chandrabaga Stadium, Bekasi City, Saturday night WIB.

The addition of one point makes Madura United remain at the top of the standings with 23 points. While Persija is fourth with 21 points. A 0-0 draw ended Persija’s five-game winning streak.

The hosts spread the threat in the early minutes. Hanno Behrens was released on the left side of the Madura United penalty box, but his shot did not produce a goal because it still hit the post.
The team nicknamed the Kemayoran Tigers then tried to dominate. Meanwhile, Madura United are waiting more. The visitors’ solid game made it difficult for Persija to create dangerous opportunities again. They had to make two attempts from outside the penalty box through Behrens and Syahrian Abhimanyu kicks, but both efforts did not meet the target.

Madura United had a chance to steal in the 41st minute. Lulinha fired a hard volley, but Persija’s goal was still safe because the ball went wide. A goalless draw lasted until the first half ended.

After halftime, the match was fierce with Madura United playing more openly. Behrens got a chance in the 66th minute after using the ball from Fachruddin Aryanto.

But his shot in the siege of Madura United players was still too weak, so Miswar Saputra was easily caught by him. The intensity of the match increased in the middle of the second half. Hard duels also occurred several times.

In the 83rd minute, Persija got a chance from Hanif Sjahbandi’s header after welcoming Syahrian’s free kick. However, the ball still goes to Miswar. The Kemayoran Tigers almost scored in the 88th minute. Starting from Abdulla Yusuf’s stab into the penalty box, he then released a kick that Miswar could still deny.

No goals are scored until the game ends. Madura United’s match against Persija Jakarta ended in a goalless draw. (*)


Persija Jakarta (3-5-2): Andritany Ardhiyasa, Ondrej Kudela, Hansamu Yama, Ilham Rio Fahmi, Firza Andika, Syahrian Abimanyu, Hanif Sjahbandi, Resky Fandi Witriawan, Hanno Behrens (Ricky Cawor 68′), Abdulla Yusuf Helal, Michael Krmencik (Riko Simanjuntak 74′)

Madura United (3-5-2): Miswar Saputra, Cleberson De Souza, Fachruddin Aryanto, Kadek Raditya Maheswara, Reva Adi Utama, Novan Setya Sasongko, Lee Yujun (Esteban Vizcarra 74′) , Zulfiandi, Lulinha, Hugo Gomes, Alberto Goncalves