Police Arrest Three Suspects of Online Gambling in Cambodia

JawaPos.com-National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo revealed that the joint police team arrested three suspected online or online gambling suspects in Cambodia and planned to return them to the country on Saturday. (15/10).

“Tomorrow (Saturday) morning there will also be three DPOs (lists of wanted persons) from the Police that we brought from Cambodia,” General Sigit told reporters at Soekarno-Hatta Airport Jakarta in Tangerang, Friday night (14/10) .


Three online gambling suspects with the initials TS, EA, and IT departed from Cambodia on Friday night and are scheduled to arrive at Soetta Airport on Saturday (15/10) morning.

For the smooth return of the three DPOs, added the National Police Chief, a joint team coordinated with the Indonesian Embassy in Cambodia, Immigration and the Cambodian Police.

Apin BK was finally arrested in Malaysia thanks to the collaboration between the National Police and the Royal Malaysian Police through a police-to-police scheme. According to Sigit, the disclosure of online gambling cases is a commitment of the National Police in eradicating crime and public ills, especially gambling. “Of course this is the National Police’s commitment to take action against online gambling problems, as ordered and instructed by the President,” said the National Police Chief.

In investigating this online gambling case, the police have named 10 suspects. Of that number, four have been banned and six have fled abroad.​

Apin BK is one of six suspected online gambling big bosses who are being hunted by Polri investigators.​​​​There are four suspects who have been banned from leaving the country with the initials TN, R, FN, and K. Meanwhile, six suspects were identified as being overseas with initials IT, TS, EA, B, KA, and J.​​

The National Police Chief said that the suspect Apin BK will undergo an examination at the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police upon arrival in the country, then be handed over to the North Sumatra Police to follow up on the disclosure of online gambling cases that have been carried out. out.

“Apin BK for now we check first after we think it’s enough, of course I order the North Sumatra Police Chief to follow up on the disclosures that have been made some time ago,” he said. (*)