Polri Hosts UN Police Certified Instructor Training

JawaPos.com – For the first time, Polri is holding international training for United Nations (UN) certified instructors, which is attended by eight countries contributing peacekeepers.

Head of International Police Division Inspector General Pol. Krishna Murti in a written statement received in Jakarta, Monday, explained that this training is a form of Indonesia’s commitment to play an active role not only in sending peacekeeping troops but also in increasing the capacity of police personnel in the Asian region.
“Polri is also determined to make Pusnas Polri a center for developing the capacity of Polri personnel both from Indonesia and from friendly countries,” said Krisna.

According to him, this effort aims to achieve competency standards determined by the UN Police Division and become certified instructors in their respective countries and in post-conflict countries.

Krishna stressed that organizing this training was an achievement of the Police and a form of Polri’s dedication to play a more active role in global policing.

“This achievement can be achieved with the support from the National Police Chief who wants Polri to appear on the global policing stage, especially in realizing world peace,” said Krisna.

The training which lasted for three weeks was officially opened on Monday (28/11) at the National Police International Mission Center located in the Police Traffic Education Center area in Serpong, Tangerang.

Opened by the Secretary of NCB-Interpol Indonesia Brigadier General Pol. Amur Chandra J.B, attended by 25 participants from eight countries in the Asian Region, namely Bangladesh, Indonesia, South Korea, Mongolia, Nepal, Thailand, China, Vietnam.

The material presented in the training which will end on December 16 is material on community policing, and material on police assistance and counseling.

“This training is expected to give meaning to the realization of world peace, prosperity and security,” said Amur.

According to him, upon returning to their countries of origin, it is hoped that the training participants will provide added value to police personnel in their respective countries who are prepared for world peace missions under the auspices of the United Nations.

Amur said the holding of this international training was an achievement for the Police to be aligned with other international training providers, and the Police would make this training a routine agenda to be held every year.

Through this training, said Amur, Polri actively participated in international diplomacy conducted by the government of the Republic of Indonesia.

Director of International Security and Disarmament of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Caka Alverdi Awal welcomed the Polri’s initiative to host this international training.

He hopes there will be added value from this training to create a safer and more peaceful world.

Through this training, it is hoped that the participants will be able to deepen their understanding of Community Policing and be able to build cooperation with other participants.

“It is also important to increase the role of female police officers both in humanitarian missions and in carrying out the police’s daily duties,” said Caka.