Position 5 Echelon 2 Pemko Tanjungpinang Rotated

Five service heads and 81 officials were appointed by the Mayor of Tanjungpinang, Rahma. F.

batampos- The Mayor of Tanjungpinang, Rahma rotates five high-ranking officials or heads of services (Kadis) or elements 2 and 81 officials, supervisors, and functional officials within the Tanjungpinang City Government.

The five heads appointed are Hantoni, who previously served as Head of the Fire and Rescue Service, who was appointed Head of the Tanjungpinang City Transportation Service.

Bambang Hartanto, who previously served as Head of the Department of Transportation (Dishub) was inaugurated as Assistant for the Economy and Development. Then, Agustiawarman who previously served as Kadispora was appointed as Head of the Fire and Rescue Service.

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Furthermore, Samsudi, who previously served as Assistant for Economics and Development, has now been appointed as Head of the National and Political Unity Agency. Then, Efendi, who previously served as Secretary of the DPRD, was inaugurated as Kadispora Tanjungpinang City.

“In addition to the five OPD heads, we have also inaugurated 39 administrators and supervisors, as well as 42 functional officials within the Tanjungpinang government,” said Rahma, Saturday (11/6).

According to him, the mutation of the five primary high-ranking officials was the result of a competency test some time ago, which had received a recommendation from the State Civil Apparatus Commission (KASN).

“And this is also a refresher for the Tanjungpinang government, hopefully those appointed can help me run the government,” he concluded. (*)

Reporter : Peri Irawan