PPATK Blocks 500 Accounts of Officials Related to Alleged Online Gambling

Illustration: Online gambling (Special)

batampos – The Center for Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis (PPATK) has frozen 500 accounts flowing to various government officials related to online gambling. PPATK is also investigating the flow of online gambling funds that allegedly went to Pori officials.

Chairman of PPATK Ivan Yustiavandana said 500 accounts frozen by PPATK’s analysis have now been reported to the police. However, Ivan did not specify where the money from the 500 accounts came from.

“We are still doing the analysis and we have coordinated with the National Police and we have conveyed some information to the Police. We have frozen nearly 500 accounts,” said Ivan in a working meeting with Commission III at the DPR RI Building, Parliament Complex Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (13/9).

Ivan added that the 500 frozen accounts were not entirely a flow of funds from the police from online gambling. There are also students and civil servants in it.

“All elements of IRT exist, students, private sector, civil servants,” said Ivan.

As is well known, PPATK’s involvement in this case was requested by the National Police Chief, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo. The National Police Chief stated that his party was working with PPATK to trace the flow of money related to the gambling. (*)

Reporter: JP Group