PPDB Vocational School Participants Have Exceeded the Capacity Quota

PPDB Online 1 F Cecep Mulyana e1654166556415
Illustration. This year PPDB again provides quotas for high-achieving and underprivileged students. F.Cecep Mulyana

batampos – New Student Admissions (PPDB) for SMA, SMK and SLB levels are underway. The first three days PPDB participants have exceeded the school’s capacity quota.

SMKN 3 Batam For example, on Tuesday (21/6) there were more than 500 registrants. Even though the school’s quota is only 566 people. Likewise with SMKN 1 Batam, registration has also reached more than 500 people and the capacity quota is only 506 people. The PPDB implementing committee is verifying registrant data before it is announced that they have passed or not at PPDB online.

“The committee is still working. At school there is a data verification process. We hope everything goes well. So far it’s been going well,” said Head of the Riau Islands Education and Culture Office, Batam Branch Office, Noor Muhammad.

According to technical instructions issued by the Riau Islands Education Office, this year the State SMA in Batam City accommodates 7,056 students, State Vocational High School 4,828 and SLB 120 people.

The following is a breakdown of accommodation data from all existing schools; SMAN 1 as many as 288 students, SMN 2 as many as 144 students, SMAN 3 as many as 252 plus 36 students for the language department, SMAN 4 as many as 432 students, SMAN 5 as many as 288 students, SMAN 6 as many as 36 students, SMAN 7 as many as 72 students, SMAN 8 as many as 648.

Furthermore, there are 72 students at SMAN 9, 144 students at SMAN 10, 72 students at SMAN 11, 216 students at SMAN 12, 72 students at SMAN 1, 288 students at SMAN 14, 288 students at SMAN 15, and 288 students. at SMAN 16,342 students, SMAN 17 as many as 396 students, SMAN 18 as many as 360 students, SMAN 19 as many as 288 students, SMAN 20 as many as 432 students, SMAN 21 as many as 288 students, SMAN 22 as many as 36 students, SMAN 23 as many as 288 students, SMAN 24 as many as 252 students, SMAN 25 as many as 360 students, SMAN 26 as many as 288 students, SMAN 27 as many as 180 students and SMAN 28 as many as 216 students.

Meanwhile there are 506 SMKN 1 Batam, 240 SMKN 2 Batam, 566 SMKN 3 Batam, 540 SMKN 4 Batam, 1,080 SMKN 5, 108 SMKN 6, SMKN 7 as many as 504 students, SMKN 8 as many as 504 students and SMKN 9 as many as 216 students . The number of students accommodated in SMK is 4,828 people. There are 120 SLB students. (*)

Reporter : Eusebius Sara