Prosecutor at trial, Sambo’s wife wears a luxury bag, AGO: KW Made in Sidoarjo – The female prosecutor who served in the trial of the wife of the former Head of the National Police Propam Division, Putri Candrawathi, was in the spotlight of netizens. The reason is, he is suspected of using a luxury bag when he comes to court.

From the information circulating on social media, the bag is branded Fendi Sunshine. On the official website, the bag is valued at USD 3,100 or equivalent to IDR 48.3 million (USD 1 = IDR 15,602).

Kapuspenkum AGO Ketut Sumedana denied that one of the prosecutors was wearing a luxury bag. According to him, the bag is just an imitation, and the price is not like the original brand.

“I’ve checked with Jampidum, it turns out the KW bag was made in Sidoarjo,” said Ketut when confirmed, Wednesday (26/10).

Ketut reminded all members of the Adhyaksa Corps not to live in luxury or hedonism. Attorney General ST Burhanuddin has issued this instruction to all its members.

“I continue the Attorney General’s message on various occasions calling on all Adhyaksa people to adopt a simple lifestyle, not displaying hedonism in a society that is still concerned about this prolonged multidimensional crisis,” said Ketut.