PSI Bandung City Optimists Can Get 7 Seats, Here’s How

JABARNEWS | BANDUNG – Chairman of the DPD PSI Bandung City Yoel Yosaphat is optimistic that the number of seats in the 2024 General Election (Election) can increase to 4 seats.

PSI Bandung City is targeting 7 seats in Bandung City DPRD or all electoral districts (dapils) to be filled.

“Talking about the target seats for the 2024 Pileg, Bandung City PSI hopes that all electoral districts (Dapil) will be available, yes 7 seats for the Bandung City DPRD,” said Yoel Yosaphat, Bandung, Sunday, March 12, 2023.

Yoel Yosaphat said, currently the Bandung City PSI only has 3 seats in the Bandung City DPRD. This means that there are still 4 seats that must be obtained by PSI Bandung City.

“Now there are only 3 seats left for PSI in the Bandung City DPRD, so it needs to add 4 more seats. Hopefully in the 2024 elections it can add 4 more seats,” he said.