PT TWC Proposes Three Categories of Visitors Can Ride Borobudur for Free–The Borobudur, Prambanan, and Ratu Boko Temple Tourism Limited Company (PT TWC), proposes to the government three categories of visitors who can access Borobudur Temple buildings without fees or aliases. free.

“First, state activities. State activities are still allowed because we both know that Borobudur Temple is the pride of the nation,” said PT TWC President Director Edy Setijono as quoted from Antara in Jogjakarta.

Furthermore, according to Edy, for leaders of religious ceremonies that are in line with the mutual agreement between ministers regarding religious activities at Borobudur Temple. “Giving space (to go up Borobudur Temple) to leaders of religious ceremonies, not participants because of the spirit of conservation,” said Edy.
The third category, continued Edy, are Indonesian citizens (WNI) who have obtained permits or recommendations from the authorities to be determined by the government. Regarding the criteria, such as whether visitors get recommendations, the authorities will determine.

For visitors who don’t fall into the three categories, he said, they are still allowed to climb Borobudur Temple as long as they are willing to be charged a high ticket fare, although the amount is still being studied.

”Those who do not fall into the three categories must be given special treatment. Treatment at the rate. For example, people who just want to look around,” said Edy.

Edy explained, the idea of ​​applying high ticket fares to groups of visitors outside the three categories is not at all related to commercialization. The proposed policy is solely to limit visitors who enter Borobudur Temple for the sake of conservation or preservation of the physical building of the temple.

“If you feel heavy because you pay a lot, you don’t have to go up Borobudur Temple. They enjoy it from the courtyard, they can still see it from the courtyard,” said Edy.

According to him, the mapping of visitor categories is to determine who will fill the Borobudur Temple visitor quota, which is limited to a maximum of 1,200 people per day.