Putra Siregar’s PS Glow Products Will Be Distributed For Free

Putra Siregar (Abdul Rahman/jawapos.com)

batampos – Putra Siregar’s PS Glow product will be distributed free to the public. This decision is in line with Putra Siregar’s decision to close the beauty product company PS Glow.

From behind the iron, businessman Putra Siregar stated that he would not prolong the polemic with his friends Shandy Purnamasari and Gilang Widya Pramana alias Juragan 99 regarding the brand dispute between PS Glow and MS Glow. Putra Siregar has made a big decision to close his company which is engaged in beauty products.

In a letter written by Putra Siregar dated July 17, 2022 and the letter was entrusted to Erdian Aji Prihartanto or better known as Anji or Manji, Putra stated that he would distribute beauty products that have been produced to the public for free. .


“Just giving away the rest of the product to the public for free, not causing commotion and strife. The world is temporary, the hereafter is forever,” said Putra Siregar in his letter

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To his wife, Septia Yetri, Putra Siregar asked to immediately meet with Shandy Purnamasari, Juragan 99 and Maharani Kemala as the owner of MS Glow to re-knit friendly relations which had been strained after a controversy by filing a lawsuit against each party. others in court.

“Hello Dad, I want peace and don’t expect a penny but peace. I want everything to be okay,” said Putra Siregar.

Through an Instagram post, Septia said she would follow what her husband had decided and directed. He will also contact Shandy Purnamasari, skipper of 99 and Maharani Kemala so that the polemic that occurs really ends peacefully and there will be no more hostility in the future.

“Therefore, with all humility, through this post I hope to be given the opportunity to meet directly with Mbak Maharani, Mbak Shandi and Mas Gilang so that all current disputes can be resolved peacefully and with a sense of kinship,” he wrote. Septia.

“I will also try to contact directly because it is best to meet in person. This post is a form of our commitment to transparency which we always try to make peace with and according to the beginning of the conversation, we are ready to close the Pstore Glow Company and we wish MS Glow the best in the future, “he added. .

The problem started after Putra Siregar, who has been known to have a business in the gadget field and was a huge success, suddenly started a company engaged in the beauty sector called PS Glow. skipper 99 feels that the cosmetic company owned by Putra Siregar has similarities starting from the name, color, design and others that already exist.

MS Glow Juragan 99 then filed a lawsuit to the Medan District Court and won it. On the other hand, Putra Siregar as the owner of PS Glow did not remain silent. He also filed a lawsuit with the Surabaya Commercial Court and won.

After both parties win in court, both seek further legal steps by taking legal action at the Supreme Court. This case is still rolling in MA. (*)

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