Putri Zulkifli Hasan is Proud of the Development of Nagita Slavina

JawaPos.com – Putri Zulkifli Hasan turned out to be a childhood friend of Nagita Slavina. He admitted that he was proud to see the development of the woman who is familiarly called Gigi, who was able to develop RANS Entertainment with Raffi Ahmad from the world of entertainment to the business realm.

In the opening ceremony of The Girl Fest which was held by RANS with Secret Girls at Central Park Mall, West Jakarta, Friday (3/3), Zulkifli Hasan’s daughter, Putri (previously named Futri Zulya Savitri) deliberately came to meet Nagita Slavina and provide support .

“Very happy. Gigi is my friend since childhood. Kindergarten friends, elementary school friends, that’s why I’m here to support Gigi. Thank you Gigi for inviting me,” said Putri in West Jakarta, Friday (3/3).

He always valued Gigi and until now has never changed even though he was already at the peak of success. Gigi remains humble and warm to her old friend.

“The teeth are still the old teeth. Even though now she has fans all over Indonesia who are increasingly popular, that doesn’t change Nagita who is always humble, simple, fun and not adventurous,” said Putri who is the founder of ZGLOW. Aesthetic Clinic.

He further revealed that in the Girl Fest event, he was actually entrusted to be one of the speakers for the talk show on the third day or next Sunday with the theme Young and Productive Mom. Not alone, Putri will fill the event with Adelia Pasha. He also admitted that he would try to share his knowledge with the participants

Putri said she was proud because the Girl Fest event was attended by great mothers who were partnered with by Nagita Slavina to color the event for the next 3 days. Starting from beauty & fashion events, bazaars, Jajarans Food Bazaar, picnic & interactive areas, talk shows, to karaoke sessions & live music performances.

“In the business world, there are many women who are developing and the industry is not playing games, the industry is already big,” she said.