Questioning West Java Welfare Gate Rp. 1 Trillion, Ridwan Kamil’s statement can be a finding if…

JABARNEWS | BANDUNG – The West Java Provincial DPRD opened its voice regarding the polemic ‘Gate of Welfare of West Java’ between the Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil and the West Java PWNU regarding an aid fund of IDR 1 trillion.

Member of the West Java DPRD Ihsanudin said that Ridwan Kamil should have been wiser in conveying everything, especially regarding data.

“This is a matter of submitting a statement that he has assisted Rp. 1 trillion in front of the PWNU management, who at that time was conducting musykerwil and the handover was not attached with accurate data,” said Ihsanudin when contacted by JabarNews. com, Wednesday (28/12/2022 ).

He said Ridwan Kamil through the Social Services Bureau when summoned by the West Java PWNU only submitted data from 14 Regencies/Cities which incidentally only helped NU madrasas and Islamic boarding schools.

“Meanwhile, the West Java PWNU on behalf of the institution did not know the truth, whether it was the NU school or Islamic boarding school. Otherwise, you will feel disadvantaged on behalf of the NU flag,” he explained.

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