Refer, Putra Siregar and Septia Will Umrah in the Month of Ramadan – Before entering the month of Ramadan, Putra Siregar and Septia Yetri Opani decided to reconcile. The divorce suit filed at the East Jakarta Religious Court has now been revoked on Tuesday, 21 February 2023.

Those who were initially separated now choose to live together under one roof and will continue the household ark that has been built.

“I’ve been picked up. Now it’s not awkward anymore. Yesterday was really awkward,” said Putra Siregar to journalists, Saturday (25/2).

Both parties admit to doing self-introspection so that it is hoped that both parties will get better and not repeat the same mistakes in the future.

“We thank God that what we wanted in the world has come true. Now the priority is for children. Hopefully can be a good parent for children and can be a good partner. I feel he has changed for the better, I also feel for the better,” he said

Putra Siregar revealed that he and his wife will perform the pilgrimage to the Holy Land in the month of Ramadan later. It was an expression of gratitude because his household was saved after being on the brink.

“We will pursue the cleaning program in Indonesia first, then we can leave it for the month of Ramadan,” said Putra Siregar.

Not only alone with Septi, Putra Siregar will also bring his children to the Holy Land. This was deliberately done by a YouTuber who is also a businessman so that his child can perform Umrah at a young age.