Report of Alleged Premeditated Murder of Brigadier J Raises Investigation

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batampos – The Directorate of General Crimes (Ditipidum) of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police has increased the status of handling cases of reports of suspected premeditated murder against Brigadier Nopryansah Yosua Hutabarat or Brigadier J to the investigation stage.

“The report from the family’s attorney, Brigadier General J from the investigation, has now been raised to an investigation status,” said the Head of Public Relations of the National Police Inspector General Pol. Dedi Prasetyo in Jakarta, Friday (22/7) quoted from Antara.

Dedi said that currently the Investigation Team of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police Dittipidum is in Jambi to ask for information from several witnesses that are needed regarding the report from the family lawyer of Brigadier General J.

The Dittipidum Bareskrim team is also investigating the results of the Jambi Regional Police’s investigation into the case.

“This shows that Timsus works very quickly, yes, but still this scientific proof rule becomes the operational standard in the investigation process,” said Dedi.

Dedi emphasized that in this investigation all evidence and data obtained must be scientifically proven because they will be tested in court.

The family of Brigadier General Joshua, through his attorney, reported the alleged premeditated murder to the Police Criminal Investigation Unit, the report was recorded under Number: LP/B/0386/VII/2022/SPKT/Bareskrim Polri, July 18.

The family found irregularities in the death of Brigadier General Joshua, where there were injuries other than gunshot wounds all over his body, such as cuts, wounds on his fingers and toes, blue bruises on his left and right ribs, and friction wounds on his neck.< /p >

While police claim Brigadier Joshua was killed in a shootout with Bharada E, there were seven gunshot wounds to his body. While the incision came from the recoset of the bullet that hit it.

The family’s report was followed up by the Police Criminal Investigation Unit by conducting an initial investigation with the family’s attorney on Wednesday (20/7).

In this case, investigators agreed to the family’s request for a re-autopsy or exhumation of the body for justice.

Regarding the execution, Dedi said it would be carried out as soon as possible because it was related to the condition of the body.

“The faster the exhumation process takes place, the better because for example, if the body has been eating for a long time, the rate of decomposition will be more damaged, the more damaged the autopsy or excavation will be more difficult,” he explained.

Dedi also said that the National Police had communicated with the family lawyer and had invited forensics to be involved outside the Police and the hospital.

“If the lawyers will present ‘expert’ (experienced) people who may be appointed from several hospitals, they are welcome and will improve,” said Dedi. (*)

Reporter: JP Group