Revealing Aspiration Fund Case, Subang Prosecutor’s Office Detains One Suspected Former Party Leader

JABARNEWS SUBANG – The Subang District Prosecutor’s Office continues to investigate the case of the alleged misuse of the Subang DPRD’s 2021 DPRD aspiration fund which was sourced from the Village Assistance fund.

Not only detaining the former chairman of the party, the prosecutor’s office also investigated a member of the Subang DPRD.

Head of the Subang District Attorney I Wayan Sumertayasa through the Head of the Intelligence Section Akhmad Adi Sugiarto said his party had examined a number of witnesses.

It is known that the Rp200 million aspiration fund was channeled through the Sumbersari Village Government, Pagaden District, Subang Regency.

In this case, Akhmad Adi confirmed that his party had appointed a former party administrator with the initials YSM. Meanwhile, to explore the case, his party has examined members of the DPRD Subang. However, he declined to name his representative.

“There are council members in the BAP,” said Akhmad Adi to reporters, Tuesday (6/9/2022).

The suspect YSM, said Akhmad Adi, has been detained since August 30, 2022. The suspect will serve a detention period of up to 20 days.

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