Riau Islands Police Securing Suspects of Embezzlement of Billions of Consumer Money

Personnel Sub Directorate II Special Economic Crime Crime of Banking Money Laundering Ditreskrimsus Riau Islands Police, when examining two suspects for alleged embezzlement of consumer money. Photo: Ditresrimsus Polda Kepri for Batam Pos

batampos – Sub-Directorate II for Banking Money Laundering Special Economic Crimes at the Riau Islands Regional Police Criminal Investigation Unit arrested the owner of PT Mitra Raya Sektarindo, DO , and his commissioner Ju on suspicion of embezzlement of consumer money.

“So these two suspects were successfully secured at their residence and the total losses are still in the process of deepening the investigation,” said Head of Sub Directorate II, Former Directorate of Criminal Investigation of the Riau Islands Police, Kompol Muhammad Komarudin, Friday (9/12/2022).

He explained, the two suspects were arrested based on reports from consumers to the police.

“About embezzlement, yes there were two reports. The first report was 4 shophouses and the second report was 3 shophouses, a total of 7 shophouses. From the suspect’s confession, the value of the shophouses was Rp 1.7 billion per unit,” he said.

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Public Relations of PT Jaya Putra Kundur, Henty Wahyuyanty stated, DO Ju was not the owner of Mitra Raya Market 2. DO, he continued, was the Director of PT Mitra Raya Sektarindo.

He explained that the 26 hectare land belongs to PT Jaya Putra Kundur, while Mitra Raya 2 is a project in the central business district in the Batamcenter area.

“The two suspects are barter contractors from PT Mitra Raya Sektarindo who are working with PT Jaya Putra Kundur,” he explained.

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He said that regarding the Mitra Raya II market, Mitra Raya Sektarindo’s status is a lease with PT JPK and the land being sold belongs to PT JPK.

“There has never been any form of cooperation with Mitra Raya Sektarindo. This means they sell without our knowledge,” he explained

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Henty emphasized that PT Mitra Raya Sektarindo, which is collaborating with PT JPK, is only in the Mitra Raya 2 development project and all of its obligations have not been completed.

He explained, Mitra Raya 2 and Mitra Raya Sektarindo are almost the same in name, but Mitra Raya Sektarindo is not part of PT Jaya Putra Kundur. (*)

Reporter: Azis Maulana