Sayidina Ali, Owner of Ketupat Lontong Salero Sutan

F1 Salero Sultan Sunday 5 February 2023 F Suprizal Tanjung 2
Sayidina Ali serves customers at Salero Sutan, Sunday 5 February 2023. F Suprizal Tanjung

His Presence Awaited Since Morning

batampos – Want to eat ketupat (special boiled rice wrapped in coconut leaves, red) typical of the Minang area which is delicious and famous, you don’t have to come to West Sumatra (West Sumatra). In Batam, lovers of delicious coconut milk-based food are advised to come directly to the Ketupat Lontong Salero Sutan stall in the Tanjungpantun area, Jodoh Batam. One day, there were 300 – 400 customers who were enjoying Salero Sutan ketupat or lontong. To buy, sometimes you have to queue.

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Ketupat served by Salero Sutan can be enjoyed from 06.30 to 12.00 WIB every day. Based on Batam Pos monitoring, the Salero Sutan booth, which was on top of the black BP 1605 HM car, was eagerly awaited by customers. It’s still early though. Residents around Tanjung Pantun are already busy lining up to enjoy this delicious and yellow coconut milk food

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“We sell ketupat with curry made from fern and jackfruit,” said Salero Sutan Owner, Sayidina Ali in Block B Number 16, Tanjung Pantun Complex, Jodoh, Batam, Sunday (5/2/2023).

The man from Padang Pariaman added, to produce ketupat and all its accessories, he employs five employees. Every day before 06.30 WIB, they made ketupat sauce, ketupat, sayur fern (paku, red) and jackfruit at his house, near the Melchem ​​​​Kaveling Orphanage, Tanjungsengkuang.

The nuance of Minang-style eating is very pronounced and looks thick in the booth. Assisted by his wife Rismawati, Ali also provides snacks such as peanut curry, karupuak (crackers, red) balado, bakwan. This food costs only IDR 1,000. per fruit.

There is also sala lauak, a typical Pariaman, West Sumatra fried food made from brownish yellow rice flour. This food has a mixture of ingredients derived from turmeric. This dish is in the shape of a ping pong ball. Another name for sala lauak is sala bulek (fried). All the snacks above, made by Ali and his wife. While the sala lauak was made by his family which was entrusted to Salero Sutan.

Ali admitted that he came to Batam as a scholar in 1999. A year later, in 2000, he opened this Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Jodoh. From his efforts, he was able to marry Rismawati, the girl of his dreams from Pariaman in Pariaman in 2008.

Starting from just a few board tables and benches, the business has now grown even bigger. He provides around six wooden tables and dozens of wooden benches at Salero Sutan. To support transportation and provide side dishes of sala, peanut curry, karupuak (crackers, red) balado, bakwan, ketupat, ketupat sambal, and others, Ali bought a car. This is the car used to transport all the groceries it sells. If you want to eat lontong, come early so you don’t run out. (*)

Reporter: Suprizal Tanjung