Ships Asked to Be Careful Passing through the Dumai Line 5 Fire Point

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Head of Sailing Safety Section for Batam Special KSOP Captain Yuzirwan Nasution (right) with the Head of KSOP Post for Domestic Port of Sekupang Samosir Pasaroan while at PDS. Rengga’s Photo

batampos – The Head of the Sailing Safety Section of the Batam Special KSOP Captain Yuzirwan Nasution said he had issued a circular to all shipping agents to use navigation facilities when passing ship hotspots. The Dumai Line 5 ship. The importance of turning on this navigation facility considering the location of the fire on the Dumai Line 5 ship itself is not far from the Sekupang Domestic Port (PDS).

“We have made a circular to all shipping agents considering that there is a ship’s skeleton there,” he said, Friday (10/6).

Captain Yuzirwan said that so far service activities at PDS are still running normally after the Dumai Line 5 ship caught fire Wednesday night (6/8). A number of shipping agents continue to sail as usual according to a predetermined schedule.

“So far no problem. Only this circular is for ship agents to be careful passing through the Dumai Line 5 fire site,” he added.
In addition, Yuzirwan continued, the Batam Special KSOP is still conducting investigations with related teams regarding the fire incident on the MV Dumai Line 5 passenger ship in Sekupang waters.

“The cause of the fire is still under investigation by the relevant teams, including KSOP Batam. A number of crew members are still undergoing intensive treatment at BP Batam Hospital, so they cannot be questioned and are still under investigation,” he explained.

From the data obtained by KSOP, the number of victims of the burning of the Dumai Line 5 ship was 9 victims, 1 person died from the engine officer.

“One missing person is still being searched by the KSOP team with Basarnas and the Riau Islands Regional Police Polairud. There were 7 people injured,” he concluded. (*)

Journalist : Rengga Yuliandra