Siege of Cianjur Regency Government, Thousands of Unras Workers Until Late At Night Tokal Rise BBM

JABARNEWS I CIANJUR- Now it is the turn of the mass action of the labor unions in Cianjur Regency to take to the demonstration street (Unras) to take to the streets to reject the increase in fuel prices and demand welfare. Cianjur, Cianjur Regional Government (Pemkab), on Jalan Siliwangi, Monday (19/9/2022).

Chairman of the National Trade Union (SPN) DPC Cianjur Regency, Hendra Malik, said that the current unras was a form of protest to convey the aspirations of an oration asking the local government to sign the same refusal as the workers, meaning that the central government’s policy of increasing fuel prices is clearly burdensome.

“Of course we reject the increase in fuel prices by the government,” he said.

He thinks that the government is clearly not pro-people in this regard. It is necessary to know the impact of the increase in fuel prices, the price of basic needs has increased, while the economy of the community is currently not stable, namely post-pandemic to endemic.

“It is urgent to think about the fate of the workers,” said Hendra.

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