“Skincare” Made from Pears Can Overcome Dry, Sensitive Skin Problems

batampos- Pears can boost immunity but also have a cooling and calming effect on the body, including the skin. Because pears are a fruit that is rich in nutrients
Because it has a very high water content, pears are very effective in helping to hydrate the skin naturally from within the body. Pears also contain natural humectants that help maintain the skin’s natural moisture by balancing its normal water content.

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The content of vitamin C, vitamin K, and antioxidants in pears play a role in preventing premature aging of the skin such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots to collagen damage.

The various benefits of pears have inspired a premium facial care producer from South Korea, I’m From, to present the latest innovation, namely the Pear Range, which complements a series of premium products made from natural ingredients, to help overcome the problem of dehydrated and sensitive skin. .


Like other I’m From product ranges, this brand’s skincare products always use selected natural ingredients. This time with Wild Pear from Mount Baegun, South Korea, I’m From presents a series of Pear Soothing Pad and Pear Serum products to help strengthen the moisture barrier on facial skin.

Sensitive skin is a condition where the skin has an overreaction to external & internal factors such as sun exposure or the use of cosmetic and facial care products that contain ingredients that are not suitable for the skin condition.

Illustration of wild nature pi r from Asia. (Pixabay)

One of the causes of sensitive skin is also a dehydrated skin condition or an imbalance in the water and oil content in the outermost layer of the skin, which is the moisture barrier.

“Using inappropriate skin care can worsen sensitive skin conditions and cause discomfort. I’m From also understands that special and gentle care is needed for sensitive skin,” said Lia Wijaya as Brand Manager of I’m From Indonesia in a press statement received in Jakarta, Tuesday.
In addition, maintaining skin moisture so as not to be dehydrated is also one of the keys to caring for and keeping sensitive skin beautiful and healthy.
“Through the I’m From Pear Range product range consisting of Pear Soothing Pad and Pear Serum, I’m From always provides the best from nature for the beauty of Indonesian women’s skin,” added Lia.

I’m From Pear Range using selected Wild Pear from Mount Baegun, South Korea which is near the sea, where various plants can grow naturally so that the soil is rich in minerals from sea water and is believed to make various plants grow optimally. natural .

This wild pear is also known as plant-based hyaluronic acid which can help increase skin moisture and optimally hydrate the skin due to its high water content. With its luteolin content, this substance can also provide a cooling and soothing effect faster for irritated skin.

Wild Pear Leaf is also used to reduce irritation by creating a strong moisture barrier for healthy skin.

The complete product range from I’m From Pear Range that you can try is; Pear Soothing Pad and Pear Serum.

The Pear Soothing Pad contains 75 percent wild pear extract which is able to provide rich hydration with natural plant-based hyaluronic acid to provide an instant cooling sensation and soothing effect on irritated skin and balance the pH level of facial skin. In addition, the cotton used is made from eco-friendly cotton which is biodegradable and has been certified vegan.

To optimally moisturize facial skin, gently rub the Pear Soothing Pad all over the face, avoiding the eye area. To relieve redness from irritation, leave the Pear Soothing Pad on your face for up to 3 minutes for a quick soothing effect.

Pear Serum contains 83 percent wild pear leaf extract with a liquid texture that can soothe sensitive skin, reduce irritation and strengthen the skin’s protective layer,

To strengthen the moisture barrier and soothe the skin, apply Pear Serum evenly all over the face while gently massaging for optimal absorption and hydration.

The I’m From Pear Range, which is also certified vegan and made from recyclable packaging, consists of the Pear Soothing Pad and Pear Serum, and is now available on Sociolla.com, the SOCO app, the nearest Sociolla Store and on Shopee and Tokopedia from Edit by Sociolla. (*)

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