Soon Google Messages Can Reply Messages with Emoji

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batampos- Google continues to adapt its applications to the times. Recently, Google is testing the feature of replying to text messages with emojis in its SMS sending app on Android, Google Messages.

The 9to5Google page on Wednesday (23/11) local time reported that the feature of replying to messages with emojis can be used for SMS and Rich Communication Services (RCS), aka the latest generation of SMS on Android devices.

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The new emoji reply feature is limited to the beta version of Google Messages, first detected in September. Users only need to press and hold the message they want to reply to, a row of emoji will appear.

At the start of the trial period, Google Messages only provided seven emojis for replying to messages, including a thumbs-up emoji, a smiley face with heart-shaped eyes, a happy crying face, a crying face, an angry face and an open-mouthed face.

Then, Google Messages added a “plus” icon so users could see other emojis to reply to messages. Recently used emoji will appear at the top.

The Verge reports that the reply message feature with emojis can work properly if the phone used by the sender and recipient of the message supports RCS. If not, what will appear is a message in the form of an emoji. (*)

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