South Sumatra Governor Inaugurates Two Acting Regents in Palembang–South Sumatra (Sumsel) Governor Herman Deru inaugurated two Acting Regents simultaneously at Griya Agung, Palembang, Thursday (23/6) night.

The two regional heads appointed are Kurniawan as Acting Regent of Muara Enim Regency and Teddi Meilwansyah as Acting Regent of Ogan Komering Ulu (OKU).

“I need to take action to inaugurate them as Acting Regents of OKU and Muara Enim to maximize the implementation of regional development programs where there is a definitive regent vacancy,” said Herman Deru as quoted by Antara .

He explained that both of them will lead the government in their respective regions for at least the next year. As Acting Regent, his authority is almost the same as the definitive Regent.

However, he said, during this term of office, each Acting Regent is required to report at least once every three months the progress of his regional development program achievements to the governor. As material for evaluating their performance.

“Their homework, namely the economic recovery of the regions affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in the last two years, is a priority. So they focus on growth to make it better and faster,” said Herman Deru.
The Governor hopes that each Acting Regent maintains a conducive relationship with the Regional Leadership Coordination Forum (Forkopimda) of each district with a good and wise approach, according to their respective main tasks and functions. This is done so that the government system in OKU and Muara Enim Regencies continues to run well and the development program in the RPJMD can run or be realized.

“Here, I remind all of you ASN who were given the task of being regents, to act like they used to, carry out their duties according to the mechanism, namely prioritizing coordination before making decisions,” said Herman Deru.