Sport Journalist Wins 3rd Place in Futsal AHY Cup 2022

Tanjungpinang Sports Journalists Team won third place. F. Yusnadi Nazar

batampos – Tanjungpinang Sports Journalist won third place in the 2022 AHY Cup Futsal tournament on the Tanjungpinang Junior field, Saturday (10/9). This annual tournament is attended by representatives of political parties and journalists in Tanjungpinang.

The competition between Sports Journalists and PKS Tanjungpinang was tight. The team of journalists had conceded two goals in the first half. But in the second half, reporters turned things around. The Journalists team won with a landslide score of 5-2.

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The manager of Tanjungpinang Sports Journalists, Kurnia Syaifullah, admitted that he appreciated and was grateful for the victory achieved by the journalists’ team. ” he said.

The team of Sports Journalists hopes that this achievement can increase the spirit to always be active in sports, so that the body becomes healthy. “Hopefully we can win first in the next tournament,” hoped Syaifullah.

Meanwhile, Acting Chairman of the DPD Democrat Kepri Didik Mukrianto said the 2022 AHY Cup futsal tournament was held in the framework of the 21st Anniversary of the Democratic Party. “The goal is to support the world of sports, of course, among young people in Tanjungpinang,” he explained.

In this tournament, the first place was won by DPC Democrat Tanjungpinang and the second place was won by the Golkar Party and the first place was won by PKS. (*)

journalist: yusnadi