Sri Sultan HB X Receives a Merit Star from the Emperor of Japan–Governor of the Special Region of Yogyakarta Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X received the Star of Merit award from the Emperor of Japan Naruhito Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Stars at the Ambassador’s official residence Big Japan, South Jakarta, Tuesday (28/6) night. The award was presented by the Japanese Ambassador to Indonesia Kanasugi Kenji to Sri Sultan, witnessed by GKR Hemas and Ambassador Kanasugi Yasuko’s wife.

The service star is given because Sri Sultan is considered to have played a major role in creating friendly relations and strengthening cooperation and cultural exchange between Indonesia and Japan.

“We hope that this award can further strengthen the relationship and interaction between the Japanese and Indonesian people in line with mutual understanding between the two countries,” said Sri Sultan as quoted from Antara.

The friendly cooperation between Japan and Indonesia, according to Sultan, has been going on for a long time. Such as the cooperation between the DIJ Regional Government with the Kyoto and Yamanashi Prefectural Governments. In addition, there are also collaborations with Japanese organizations such as JICA, J-CLAIR, Nara Congress, and Sumitomo Forestry.

”The twin provinces cooperation with Kyoto Prefecture has been established since 1985 and is the first and longest collaboration between local governments in Indonesia and local governments abroad, not only in DIJ, but also in Indonesia . , said the Sultan.

From this collaboration, according to him, various implementations and innovations were born, especially in the fields of arts and culture, education, science, technology, tourism, and industry. As a follow-up, in 2020 the 35th anniversary of the DIJ-Kyoto collaboration will be held in Jogjakarta and Kyoto, as well as Sakura Science activities, sending Jogjakarta students to Kyoto.

“However, all of these activities were delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic,” explained the Sultan.

Besides Kyoto, continued the Sultan, the Regional Government of DIJ has also collaborated with Yamanashi Prefecture since 2016 and has produced many activities in the agricultural sector. The Sultan also expressed his gratitude to the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for the assistance in the initial assessment of the aerotropolis area of ​​Jogjakarta International Airport.

Including the participation of the Japan Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (J-CLAIR) which has facilitated communication between the DIJ Government and relevant stakeholders in Japan.

The King of the Jogjakarta Palace also appreciated the steps taken by Sumitomo Forestry to carry out a rehabilitation project for the Paliyan Wildlife Sanctuary in Gunungkidul since 2015 as an effort to conserve forests and ecosystems. “We would like to thank all parties who have supported increasing international interaction and cooperation between Jogjakarta in particular and Indonesia in general, as well as the Japanese people,” said Sultan.

Japan’s Ambassador to Indonesia Kanasugi Kenji said that since being crowned King of the Jogjakarta Palace in 1989 and as Governor of DIJ in 1998, Sri Sultan HB X has taken on a heavy responsibility and has continued to strive for the development of DIJ. The Japanese Ambassador recalled when His Majesty the Emperor and Empress of Japan visited Jogjakarta in 1991.

“His Majesty did not serve as Governor at that time, but as Sultan, but gave an impressive welcome while introducing traditional Javanese culture to the Emperor and Empress at the Jogjakarta Palace,” said Kanasugi Kenji.

Sri Sultan is considered to have given a very good welcome to the visit of Prince and Princess Akishino in 2008 at the Jogjakarta Palace in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Indonesia.

“Thanks to His Majesty’s kindness and support, this visit was able to promote multi-faceted exchanges between the two countries,” said Kanasugi Kenji.