Starting the Age of 24, Bank Mandiri Is Present More Digital and Present

batampos – Celebrating its 24th anniversary which falls on October 2, 2022, Bank Mandiri has reaffirmed its position as the largest bank with consistent overall business transformation. This anniversary is also a momentum for Bank Mandiri to continue its main focus, namely building and contributing to the country’s economy.

Bank Mandiri president director Darmawan Junaidi said the celebration of the 24th anniversary This theme carries the theme “Digital & Contemporary” which reflects Bank Mandiri’s long journey to continue to be relevant to developments and trends as well as community needs through innovation and digital transformation.

“Since the beginning, Bank Mandiri has continued to strive to become a major player in the financial industry. This Anniversary is a momentum for Mandirian to prepare for challenges and grow stronger in order to provide the best service for the community and customers,” he said in Jakarta, Sunday (2/9).

Darmawan added, Bank Mandiri will continue its business transformation to realize these aspirations, one of which is by continuing to prepare highly competitive human resources who are able to prioritize the role of technology and innovation as pillars of business activities.

In addition, to realize comprehensive services, the bank with the gold ribbon logo also continues to sharpen the synergy of its subsidiaries to create an integrated Mandiri Group business ecosystem. “The main objective of this business transformation is so that Bank Mandiri can continue to provide added value to customers in all segments, as well as provide a positive impact on the economy that can be felt by the community,” he added.

As a bank with core strength in the wholesale business, Bank Mandiri, continued Darmawan, will focus on increasing customer ecosystem-based value chain business growth. Not to forget, regional potential and subsidiary synergies will become a competitive advantage to provide the best and most modern services, as well as encourage consistent and sustainable business growth.

This consistency is realized through a solid performance score. It was recorded that until the end of August 2022, Bank Mandiri as a new bank managed to record a loan of Rp. 887.33 trillion or grew 9.89% year on year (YoY), in line with the positive economic climate.

As one of the banks that focuses on business development to the wholesale segment, Bank Mandiri’s loan interest rates are also followed by improved performance in terms of wholesale banking. As reflected in wholesale banking credit, Bank Mandiri managed to record growth of up to 8.36% YoY at the end of August 2022.

This achievement is also a trigger for Bank Mandiri to consistently encourage the expansion of the wholesale banking business, which is the hallmark of the company’s business. “At the age of 24, Bank Mandiri has entered a mature age. As a bank with the largest wholesale banking market share, we are optimistic that Bank Mandiri can become a wholesale bank with a unique all-arounder ecosystem potential,” said Darmawan.

This loan growth is also in line with the growth of third party funds (DPK) as of August 2022 which reached 11.10% YoY to Rp1,036.65 trillion bank only, driven by an increase in low-cost funds on a bank only basis which reached Rp780.5 trillion. . or grew by 14.81% YoY with the composition of low-cost funds reaching 75.29%.

The growth of Bank Mandiri’s low-cost funds is also inseparable from the presence of two Bank Mandiri digital services, namely the Livin’ by Mandiri super app which provides solutions for various transactions and customer lifestyles, and the Kopra by Mandiri super platform which provides business solutions from upstream to downstream.

“As a public company that prioritizes customer needs, Bank Mandiri is committed to continuing to provide leading services, providing the best performance, and meeting the various financial needs of the community,” he concluded.

For 24 years, Bank Mandiri has consistently contributed to the people of Indonesia. Bank Mandiri’s commitment to continue to provide the best service and performance has received appreciation from various parties, including the Best Bank Award 2022 as Best Bank for Digital Solutions, Best Domestic Bank, Best Investment Research in Indonesia 2022 from AsiaMoney. (*)