Stinky Releases ‘Your Charm’ with New Formation

New formation of the legendary band Stinky: Nano (guitar), Irwan (vocals and bass), and Edy (drums). (ANTARA/HO)

batampos- The legendary band Stinky released another single titled “Pesonamu”. In this new album, accompanied by a new formation namely Irwan (vocals and bass), Nano (guitar), and Edy (drums).

The word Irwan “Pesonamu” is a song that tells the story of a man who can never forget his girlfriend even though he has been separated for a long time and wonders what wrong he did so that his girlfriend left him.

“And we dedicate this single to the people of the country and to fans of Stinky’s songs from Aceh to Papua,” he said, Saturday (11/19).

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Regarding Stinky’s current line-up, Nano says that they were actually the original members when Stinky’s first album was released in the music industry. The difference is, Irwan, who previously played as a bassist, now also plays as a vocalist.

“Irwan is actually no stranger to being a vocalist, because every album Stinky that is released always sings two songs. It’s just that the song sung by Irwan did not become the hero song on the album. At that time in the Stinky band, besides Andre Taulany who sang, Irwan and Ndank (guitar) were also vocalists or backing vocals,” said Nano.

“Hopefully this new formation will always be solid, and now we are touring Indonesia, in the near future there will be concerts in Jakarta and Pekanbaru,” concluded Edy.

Stinky’s latest single entitled “Pesonamu” can be enjoyed via the Stinky Band Official YouTube channel.(*)

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