Syaiful Anwar Elected by Acclamation as Chairman of PKBL

langkat pkbl
MUBES I PKBL appointed Syaiful Anwar as Chairman of PKBL for the 2023-2028 period. Photo: Dalil Harahap/Batam Pos

batampos – Syaiful Anwar was elected by acclamation as Chairman of the Langkat Regency Extended Family Association (PKBL) for the 2023-2028 period.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee (OC), M Ali, said that until the last day of registration, only one person had registered as a candidate for General Chair, namely Syaiful Anwar.

“Because only one person registered, we appointed Syaiful Anwar as Chairman of PKBL for the 2023-2028 period,” he said on the sidelines of the PKBL I General Meeting (MUBES), Sunday (24/12/2022) at Lakitan Cafe Tanjunguncang , Batuaji.

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He explained, PKBL Mubes I was attended by a member of the Provincial DPRD of Langkat Regency, Sugianto and a member of the Batam DPRD, Hendrik.

Meanwhile, the elected chairman Syaiful Anwar expressed his gratitude to all parties who have helped make PKBL Mubes I successful.

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He invited all residents of Langkat Regency in Batam City to join hands to raise PKBL. As well as being able to work together with Pemko Batam and Pemprov Riau Islands.

He said he would organize the management for the 2023-2028 period in a professional manner and carry out the inauguration of the PKBL management for the 2023-2028 period by presenting Langkat Regent Plt Syah Affandin, along with members of the Langkat Regency DPRD.

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