Task Force Publishes New SE, Participates in Large Activities Mandatory Booster Vaccines

Covid-19 Task Force spokesman Wiku Adisasmito. (Special)10

batampos – Facing the potential spike in cases that are in sight, the Covid-19 Task Force issued new rules as stated in the Circular (SE) of the Covid-19 Task Force number 22 of 2022.

In the latest SE, the Task Force specifically regulates large community activities that are physically attended by 1000 or more people in one place at the same time. Both indoors and outdoors.

“Starting Tuesday, June 21, 2022, based on the agreement of the Ministries/Agencies, the SE Task Force number 22 of 2022 concerning health protocols for large-scale activities officially applies,” explained Wiku yesterday (21/6). )

These activities may include local activities with participants across provinces and districts, such as socio-cultural events for the community, as well as international events with participants between countries, such as conferences and meetings of state representatives involving Indonesian citizens and foreigners.

SE regulates who can participate in the main activity and under what conditions. Children and adolescents aged 6 to 17 years must be fully vaccinated (2 doses) if they wish to participate in this activity. While those aged 18 years and over must have been vaccinated 3 times or booster vaccines.

“Especially for children under 6 years old and patients with comorbidities who cannot be vaccinated, they are not allowed to participate in large-scale activities,” explained Wiku.

Then there are special filtering rules. If a large activity involves an official at the ministerial level or above or VVIP, then the activity participant is required to show a negative PCR test result which is valid for a maximum of 2 × 24 hours with a body temperature check.

Meanwhile, multilateral forums that do not involve VVIP are only required to be antigen negative for suspected participants. Wiku stressed that anyone who does not pass this screening must undergo further on-site Covid tests.

In addition, now the organizers of the big event are required to obtain a recommendation from the central Covid-19 Task Force and a crowd permit from the National Police with pre-determined conditions for screening and determining participants. Task Force.

Wiku revealed that for 6 consecutive days the cases continued to increase above 1000 cases per day. Based on a weekly count, daily positive cases increased by 105 percent in the last two weeks.

From 3,688 cases last week to 7,587 this week. This has resulted in an increase in the number of active cases. From 4,734 cases last week to 8,594 cases this week. “The biggest case was contributed by DKI Jakarta 2,769 cases,” explained Wiku yesterday (21/6)

Wiku reveals that the positivity rate has also increased over the past 4 weeks. In the fourth week of May, the positive rate was at 0.33 percent. Meanwhile, this week, the positive rate stood at 2.23 percent.

“Even though this is still below 5 percent and is still declared safe, you still have to be vigilant. We have to reduce the mortality rate, the healing must be increased,” said Wiku.

Unfortunately, explained Wiku, weekly deaths increased from 28 to 44 cases. This number, although not large compared to positive cases, is still a precious life. 1 death counts as life. “It needs to be evacuated together with mitigation so it doesn’t continue to increase. The percentage of recovery also fell by 97.28 percent,” explained Wiku. (*)

Reporter: JP Group