Tata Tiago EV Could Be A Threat Of Wuling Air EV If This Happens

JawaPos.com – As previously reported, towards the end of the year, Tata Motors Distribution Indonesia (TMDI) launched the Tata Intra V20 which plays in the commercial pick-up segment. Rivals of the Suzuki Carry and Daihatsu GranMax are equipped with an E4 diesel engine and are claimed to be compatible with B30 fuel.

The movement of Tata Motors in Indonesia in the last two years has not been so intense due to the pandemic. TMDI’s concentration at that time was only focused on selling large trucks for the mining fleet market.

According to Wilda Bachtiar as Marketing Head of TMDI during the pandemic, large trucks are the backbone of sales, which was previously supported by SuperAce who played in the pick up segment.

“Now the conditions are improving, Indonesia’s economic growth is increasing, we present Tata Intra as a substitute for SuperAcelagi to support the logistics industry which is starting to rise again,” he told JawaPos.com, Tuesday (4/10) at BSD City area.


When asked whether TMDI plans to introduce electric-powered cars in Indonesia, the answer is that there are no plans yet. However, according to Wildan, speaking of electric cars outside Indonesia, Tata Motors already has them.

β€œIn India we have marketed electric vehicles, ranging from commercial cars such as pick-ups to buses and passenger cars. But if you are asked when, just wait, but we are ready for the product,” said Wildan.

For information in its home country, India, a few days ago Tata Motors launched an electric car in the small hatchback segment called the Tata Tiago EV.

When viewed from the shape, this car has the same design and dimensions as the conventional car version. The Tiago EV has the proportions of an ordinary car with a spacious cabin that can accommodate 5 passengers.

The electric version has an EV logo, blue highlights on some sides of the body, and a wheel design. Interestingly, this Tata electric car is priced at a low price, in India. Reportedly, the Tiago EV electric car is equipped with a 24 kWh battery which is claimed to be able to cover a distance of 260 – 315 km from full condition.
The cheapest version is equipped with a 19.2 kWh battery that can cover a distance of 200-250 km. With its home-mountable DC fast charger, the Tiago EV can be charged from 10% to 80% in 57 minutes. Meanwhile, with a 7.2 kW AC charger, it takes 3.5 hours from 0% to 100%.

If later TMDI brings Tiago EV to Indonesia, it will be a serious threat to Wuling Air EV which is priced at IDR 238 – 395 million. Especially in terms of cabin dimensions and capacity, the Air-ev is far away.

For example in the Air-ev cabin which only accommodates 4 passengers, has no luggage if the rear seat is activated, small wheels and dimensions that are even smaller than key-cars in Japan.

However, on the other hand, the Tata Tiago EV gives hope that proportional electric cars can actually be cheaper and affordable for the lower middle class.