Tens of Thousands of People Crowded the Lake Toba Tourism Location to Greet New Year’s Eve

JABARNEWS | SIMALUNGUN – It is estimated that tens of thousands of people packed the Lake Toba tourist site, Parapat City to witness the New Year’s Eve which was held at the Pagoda Open Stage, Saturday (31/12/2022) evening.< /p>

Based on field observations, you can see the density of vehicles around the road in front of the Pagoda Open Stage which is the location for the 2023 New Year’s Eve reception.

Meanwhile all star hotels, jasmine class and villas in Parapat City are fully booked by visitors who come from outside the area to watch New Year’s Eve.

One of the hotel owners, Ery admitted, his hotel had been booked 2 days ago by people from outside the area who would come to Parapat for a festive New Year’s Eve.

“All the hotels were full, many came to order, but we refused because they were full,” he said.

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