The family hopes that Eril’s body can arrive in Indonesia on Saturday, this is what Ridwan Kamil’s younger brother said

JABARNEWS | BANDUNG – Ridwan Kamil’s family hopes that the body of Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz or Eril can arrive in Indonesia on Saturday (11/6/2022). This was conveyed directly by Ridwan Kamil’s sister, Elpi Nazmuzzaman.

Elpi explained that the family’s wish was to immediately complete Eril’s body according to Islamic law. Eril will be bathed, shrouded, worshiped and buried Islamically.

“The family will accept the late Eril and then we will perfect Eril’s rights as a Muslim,” he said, Thursday (9/6/2022).

“For now, we can’t confirm when it will arrive in Indonesia but basically we will do it as soon as possible depending on the condition of the supporting resource situation,” added Elpi.

He thanked all those involved in the search process. Starting from the Bern police, the Bern maritime police, the Bern City Government, the Swiss federal government, and the Indonesian Embassy in Bern.

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