The following are the details of Indonesian Police Salaries and Benefits from Enlisted to Generals

JABARNEWS | JAKARTA – The presence of the police is always in the spotlight. Especially in his actions related to law enforcement. Despite all the shortcomings, the police are still in great demand.

It can be seen that there are still many registrants in the police recruitment which is held almost every year. This proves that until now the police is one of the most coveted professions.

The reason is, being a police officer will get a basic salary to various allowances. The amount of basic salary to allowances depends on rank. The highest rank structure in the police force is first officer, middle officer, then senior officer.

As is well known, the salaries of Polri members have been regulated in Government Regulation (PP) Number 17 of 2019 concerning the Twelfth Amendment to PP Number 29 of 2001 concerning Regulation of the Salary of Polri Members.

Police officers receive salaries and benefits. (photo: illustration)

The following is a breakdown of the salaries of Indonesian police officers:

Class III (First Officer)

Inspector of Police Two (Ipda): IDR 2,735,300-IDR 4,425,200

First Police Inspector (Iptu): IDR 2,820,800-IDR 4,635,600

Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Police (AKP): Rp2,909,100-Rp4,780,600.

Second Class IV Officer:

Commissioner of Police (Kompol): IDR 3,000,100-IDR 4,930,100

Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Police (AKBP): IDR 3,093,900-IDR 5,084,300

Kombes Pol : IDR 3,190,700-Rp 5,243,400.

Tall Officer:

Brigjen Pol : IDR 3,290,500-IDR 5,407,400

Inspector General of Police (Irjen Pol): IDR 3,393,400-IDR 5,576,500

Commissioner General of Police (Komjen Pol): IDR 5,079,300-IDR 5,750,900

Polri: Rp5,238,200-Rp5,930,800.

Police officers receive salaries and benefits. (photo: illustration)

Salary of enlisted police officer to non-commissioned officer

Class I (Registered)

Bhayangkara Dua (Bharada): IDR 1,643,500-IDR 2,538,100

Bhayangkara Satu (Bharatu): IDR 1,694,900-IDR 2,617,500

Head of Bhayangkara (Bharaka): IDR 1,747,900-IDR 2,699,400

Assistant of Bripda II (Abripda): IDR 1,802,600-IDR 2,783,900

Adjunct Brigadier General (Abriptu): IDR 1,858,900-IDR 2,870,900

Brigadier General of Police (Abrippol): IDR 1,917,100-IDR 2,960,700.

Class II (Non-Commissioner Officer)

Polri II (Bripda): Rp 2,103,700-Rp 3,457,100

Brigadier General of Police First (Briptu): IDR 2,169,500-IDR 3,565,200

Brigpol (Brigpol): Rp.2.237.400-Rp.3.676.700

Brigadier General of Police (Bripka): IDR 2,307,400-IDR 3,791,700

Second Assistant Police Inspector (Aipda): IDR 2,379,500-IDR 3,910,300

Ajun Police Inspector One (Aiptu): IDR 2,454,000 – IDR 4,032,600.

Police officers receive salaries and benefits. (photo: illustration)

In addition to receiving a salary, the police will also receive a number of benefits such as civil servants and TNI soldiers.

Reported from the page, a number of these benefits include wife/husband allowance, child support, meal/rice allowance, general allowance, to structural/functional position allowance.

Furthermore, allowances are equated with office allowances, special allowances for Papua Province, service allowances in remote areas, and other allowances.

Police performance allowances are regulated in Presidential Regulation (Perpres) Number 103 of 2018 concerning Employee Performance Allowances within the Indonesian National Police.

The details of police officer benefits are as follows:

Class 18 (Vice Chief of Police): IDR 34,902,000

Class 17: IDR 29,085,000

Class 16: IDR 20,695,000

Class 15: IDR 14,721,000

Class position 14: IDR 11,670,000

Class 13: IDR 8,562,000

Class 12: IDR 7,271,000

Class 11: IDR 5,183,000

Class 10: IDR 4,551,000

Class 9: IDR 3,781,000

Class 8: IDR 3,319.000

Grade 7: IDR 2,928,000

Class position 6: IDR 2,702,000

Class 5: IDR 2,493,000

Class 4: IDR 2,350,000

Class 3: IDR 2,216,000

Occupation class 2: IDR 2,089,000

Class position 1: IDR 1,968,000

In Article 6 paragraph (1) it is explained that the National Police Chief is given a performance allowance of 150 percent of the performance allowance for group 17 within the Polri environment. Well, that’s the complete breakdown of police salaries and benefits according to the latest regulations. (red)


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