The Impact of the Ukraine-Russia War, Sanitary Products in the US are Rare – The war in Ukraine also affected the production chain of various goods. The impact was even felt as far as the United States. Uncle Sam’s country now lacks sanitation products, especially tampons.

Many residents complained that they had to walk around up to eight shops to be able to buy products such as sanitary napkins.

The shortage occurred because the factory experienced a staff shortage due to the pandemic. At the same time, the war in Ukraine made raw materials for sanitary products more expensive. For example, the price of cotton and plastic as the main raw materials for tampons. It is feared that supply chain disruptions will skyrocket the price of goods around the world.

The Executive Director of Girls Helping Girls Period, Elise Joy, asked residents not to panic hoarding. According to him, if everyone buys what they need, other people can still get it.