The Indonesian National Team Aims for Victory in the Last Match for the Semi-Final Ticket

JABARNEWS | BANDUNG – Facing Vietnam in the last match of Group A of the U-16 AFF Cup, the U-16 Indonesian national team is eyeing a victory to top the standings.

Now the U-16 Indonesian National Team is at the top of Group A with a collection of six points.

Then Garuda Asia will play the final group match of the U-16 AFF Cup against the U-16 Vietnam National Team, Saturday (6/8/2022), night WIB.

Of course this will be a difficult match for the U-16 Indonesian National Team. Because the Vietnam U-16 national team itself sits in the runner-up position in Group A with the same points, which is six points. They only lost on goal difference (GD) to the Indonesian U-16 national team.

Even against a strong team, the Milky Way team will not be afraid. In fact, they hope to win in the final party of this group in order to qualify for the semifinals of the AFF U-16 Cup as group winners.

“Of course we want to win. We don’t want the fate of this team to be determined by other teams. I’m sure other teams are also aiming for victory,” said Bima Sakti, launching the official PSSI website.
“That’s why I said to the players that we have to keep fighting hard to win. So, our position is really safe as the leader of Group A,” he continued at length.

Even though they are playing in their own country, at Maguwaharjo Stadium, Sleman, Bima Sakti is still wary of the Vietnam U-16 national team.

Therefore, his team tries to analyze their game by watching their match videos.

“We have the video, they have a nice and neat organization of the game,” he said.

“So, earlier we were training how to break down their defenses and anticipate their attacks,” he concluded.

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