The lure of being a domestic worker, instead of becoming a prostitute, until they are under the strict guard of bodyguards – 39 Commercial Sex Workers (PSK) who live in boarding houses RW 10, Pekojan, Tambora, West Jakarta, apparently did not initially know they were going to become prostitutes. According to the Tambora Police Chief Kompol Putra Pratama, the victim was offered to work as a Household Assistant (ART).

“The victim was initially persuaded to work as a housemaid, but after arriving at the location it turned out that the perpetrator was made into a prostitute,” he said in a written statement to, Saturday (18/3). .

In addition, for seven months as a prostitute, the victim was also prohibited from leaving the boarding house without the permission of her pimp, namely IC alias Mami, 35.

“If you are caught leaving the mess and are caught, then the sex worker will be fined Rp. 1-1.5 million,” explained Putra.

During working hours or serving guests at the prostitution site, namely Gang Royal, the victims are also not allowed to leave the location where they work.

“When you go out, you must be accompanied by a bodyguard named HA, 25, SR alias Corporal, 35, and MR, 25,” concluded Putra.

Previously, the police arrested 39 prostitutes at the boarding house in RW 10, Pekojan, Tambora, West Jakarta, yesterday Friday (17/3). Of the 39 people, it is known that 5 people are minors.

According to the Head of the Tambora Police, Kompol Putra Pratama, the raid was carried out after the RW 10 Polsek in Pekojan Village received reports from community leaders and RW 10 administrators in Pekojan Village. They reported that there was a boarding house in the RW 10 area which was suspected as a shelter for women who

“Usually operating in Gang Royal, Jalan Rawa Bebek Selatan Rw 013 Kel. Kelurahan Jejaring Penjaringan, North Jakarta,” said Putra in his statement to, Saturday (18/3).

“Community leaders of RW 10 Pekojan feel disturbed if there is a location for prostitution in their area, especially before entering the holy month of Ramadan,” he added.