The Ministry of Social Affairs is here to provide assistance to residents of Sukodono, Sidoarjo

batampos – Riska Ardita Putri (17) suffers from cerebral palsy . Riska can do nothing but help others. Eko Yuli, 48, a mother who takes care of him patiently.

Yuli is one of 100 other beneficiaries awaiting the arrival of President Joko Widodo in Pasa r Laran bro, Sidoarjo, East Java.

That morning, residents of Suruh Village, Sukodono Subdistrict, Sidoarjo Regency had even woken up at 02.30 WIB to prepare to meet the President. Yuli was even more excited because the President’s presence in Sidoarjo was not only to greet the public but also to provide assistance. Yuli is one of them.

When the President came, the commotion grew. Yuli couldn’t contain her emotions, especially when the President arrived right in front of her. Being that close to the number one person in Indonesia and having chatted before was just a dream for Yuli.

Suddenly this became a reality. Oh Allah, Alhamdulillah. Today I met the President who donated, gave envelopes, gave everything. My Dream. That’s my tok (My dream. That’s all),” said Yuli with emotion.

Today Riska and Yuli received ATENSI assistance in the form of a wheelchair and a basic food shop entrepreneurship worth Rp. 8,762,000. Assistance from the Integrated Center Prof. Dr. Soeharso in Solo and Sentra Margo Laras Pati which is a UPT owned by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

In addition, Yuli also received Business Capital Community Assistance from the President worth Rp 1.2 million and BLT worth Rp 300 thousand. Indeed, Rika was silent. But from the movement of her eyes, Riska couldn’t hide her joy. With the new wheelchair, Riska’s daily mobility is easier.

“Thanks for the chair. No more carrying. Food and drinks can be placed on the chair. Then you can go for a walk. I feel happy. Thank you,” said Yuli happily.

Riska suffered from cerebral palsy when she was only 18 months old. At first he had a high fever, vomited, then had convulsions. Had been taken to the Puskesmas and referred to the Siti Khodijah Hospital in Sidoarjo, Riska was unconscious for one week. Riska was then taken to Dr. Hospital. Soetomo Surabaya to undergo treatment. After 2.5 months, Riska was finally brought home while outpatient.

Various efforts have been made to cure Riska. While undergoing outpatient treatment, Supardi (54) Riska’s father and Yuli tried their best by taking various ways of treatment.

“Alternative medicine, nopo wae (already vary). Some say, budal, talk budal (every time there is a suggestion for a treatment place, go there directly). In Mojokerto reach the peak (peak) of the mountain. Finally met in Surabaya. Until now, the treatment continues,” Supardi said

Behind these efforts, Yuli also patiently takes care of Riska. Every two hours, Yuli carries Riska on her lap to breastfeed. Yuli has to set an alarm at night to go about her routine. The word sleep properly seems foreign to this mother of two for the past dozen years.

Yuli’s determination is reflected in her patience and tenacity in caring for her baby. To parents who take care of special children like Riska, Yuli advised parents to continue to love their children with all their heart.

Not to mention that this simple family is limited in terms of welfare. The challenge is even more complicated because Supardi, who has worked in an electronics factory for 28 years, had to be dismissed due to the pandemic. Meanwhile, Riska’s needs, from medicines to food intake, must be met.

So in the midst of her persistence in taking care of Riska, Yuli goes around selling household needs such as dish soap, basic necessities and others to her neighbors. Yuli did this to help her husband make ends meet.

In Sidoarjo, the assistance distributed to beneficiaries is in the form of Business Capital Community Assistance from the President in the amount of Rp. 120 million and BLT of Rp. 30 million for 100 KPM, ATENSI assistance of Rp. 44.5 million for 7 KPM, and assistance for the Social Entrepreneurship Program (ProKUS). from the Directorate of Community Empowerment of the Ministry of Social Affairs in the amount of Rp. 23.5 million for 6 KPM. Meanwhile, the third phase of PKH assistance has been distributed to 35,475 KPM with a value of Rp. 24.4 billion.

The Ministry of Social Affairs continues to provide stimulant assistance to vulnerable groups. Not only helping to fulfill basic needs, the assistance is aimed at empowering recipients and getting out of the poverty trap. (*)