The Shopping tab on Instagram will be removed

Instagram Shopping Features. (ANTARA/HO)

batampos – Instagram will remove the shopping tab from the home page. “Starting in February, we will replace Instagram navigation to make it easier for users to share and connect with their friends and likes,” Instagram said on its help page, Tuesday (10/1).

Currently the navigation bar at the bottom of the Instagram main page screen has five tabs, namely the main page tab, search page, Reels, Shopping, and profile.

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Once the Shopping tab is removed, in the navigation bar there will be a plus tab for creating content in the center and Scroll on the right.

Even though the Shopping tab is removed, the feature is still there and business owners can continue to operate their online shop on Instagram.

“We continue to invest in shopping experiences that deliver a lot of value to people and businesses, through homepages, Stories, Reels, ads and more,” Instagram said.

The Shopping feature on Instagram is intended for content creators and businesses. Indonesia is one of the countries in Asia Pacific that gets the Shopping feature from Instagram. (*)

reporters: jpgroup