The Story and Struggle of Members of the Two Lines Fighter Community (2-Out)

The Community of Two Lines or Towards Two Lines (MDG) fighters formed by Rosiana Alim or Mizz Rosie in 2021 has succeeded in uniting thousands of people who are trying to have children. From sharing stories, finally each other knows that each has various infertility problems.


YEAR Guarding the MDG Community, Rosie as the founder realized that most members are still shy to open up with their environment, friends, and even family. They are ashamed to admit that they are infertile. However, they are actually hungry for information. Meeting people with similar cases makes them more open and less alone.

“If they see each other, for example over coffee grounds, they are more open to talking. And after that, I feel empty.

So they have new enthusiasm and new hope,” he said. Although many are still closed for various reasons, there are also some members who have become much more open. She even dares to share her story on social media. Call it Kartika, woman 28 year who tells his story through videos he uploads on social media. He shares his experience of never having a period.

ā€¯After two months of marriage, my husband and I checked ourselves in Malaysia. That’s where I was declared MRKH syndrome or not having a uterine and vaginal pathway,” he said.

However, before the verdict was handed down, Kartika had tried various traditional treatments. For example, massage, consumption of herbal drinks, to surgery without anesthesia in a 100 percent conscious state.

Because she doesn’t have a uterus, it’s certain that Kartika can’t get pregnant. The only way to be able to have biological children is the surrogate mother method. However, the act is still considered illegal in Indonesia. While abroad, the cost can reach Rp. 1 billion.

From time to time, he tries to become a stronger person. He tried to accept the conditions because there really was no other choice.

“I believe, in every test, God will give a worthy reward,” he explained.

Another story is experienced by Caroline Lazaro. Married in 2020, she and her husband immediately started trying to have children. After six months of no signs, Caroline felt the need to see a doctor. There were eight doctors he visited. And, at that time everyone said nothing.

In the end, he did his own research and decided to undergo an anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) test. The test results stated that the egg reserves were almost undetectable or almost depleted. “And it turns out that in Indonesia there are many who experience early menopause like me.

However, by gathering in the community, they strengthen each other and continue to share. They believe there must be a best way.